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RE: At what point harassment?

During the past month my wife and I have received at least 4 phone calls from sales people at Royston Hyundai in Morristown, TN. Each time I forcefully told the caller that 1) I never buy anything from telephone solicitations, and 2) do not call us again. The most tenacious caller is some guy names Matt since my "don't call" request seems to just roll off his back. Because of this extreme sales approach if and when I do buy another Hyundai it most certainly will not be from Royston.

We bought our 2008 Sonata from Morristown Hyundai (which later became Royston) upon my retirement from overseas duty with the DOD. Since then we have continued to received excellent service, and my plan was to keep returning for service as long as the quality holds steady. But now I'm wondering if that aspect of the dealership has worn out its welcome, too.

How many "Don't ever call this f---ng number again" cries are necessary? Once should always be enough.

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Update -- since my original complaint I have heard nothing from Hyundai America, but Royston has called me 2 more times.Moreover, the 2 BBB to which I complained did file reports, but Royston refused to answer their request for its side of the story.

Now, with a smile, I will contact my attorney for possible legal/civil action against Royston and the parent company.Thank you,

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